A Day at Gridiron Academy: Unveiling the Future of Athletic Training

A Day at Gridiron Academy: Unveiling the Future of Athletic Training


Gridiron Academy, run exclusively by Victor and Charmaine Tedondo is dedicated to offering contemporary training methods while assisting young athletes in establishing a robust athletic base and prioritizing their objectives.

Last weekend, my family and I had the incredible opportunity to step into their world to witness firsthand their personalized approach to athletic development. This event was in collaboration with NFL Canada and Uplift613 officially launching the 1st Annual Gridiron Great Showcase!
From the moment we arrived, it was clear that this was not your average training event – it was an experience designed to elevate athletes to new heights. Even our son Leon, was inspired enough at 5 and a half years old to run a full lap as he witnessed other young athletes practice their trade firsthand.
The event showcased a strong sense of community, with athletes cheering each other on and offering support. Gridiron Academy felt more like a family united by a shared passion for the game. We got to interact with some of our clients as well who we represent on a personal level.
Cheers to Victor and Charmaine! They’re leading the way in sports performance, catering to beginners and seasoned athletes alike. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this pioneering organization and the athletes it serves.
IAN CHARLEBOIS Real Estate & Mortgages wholeheartedly support Gridiron Academy’s commitment to revolutionizing athletic training and will find ways to be a part of this growing family - forever.
Til their next event!

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