Snap Vs. Reality: The Realtor Photo Mirage

Snap Vs. Reality: The Realtor Photo Mirage


Question: Why do realtor’s photos never look like themselves in person?

Ian’s Answer:

In today's digital age, I’ve seen how real estate has changed dramatically. Online listings with photos are VERY VITAL for homebuyers, but here is a common question I get when I meet up with homeowners/buyers: Why do realtor’s photos never look like themselves in person?
I understand there are various factors realtors consider when taking photos. Careful framing of shots to showcase the best features while minimizing flaws is standard practice. This creates visually appealing representations that attract potential buyers to homes. Additionally, editing photos to enhance colors and remove imperfections is common.
It's important to recognize that these photos offer a limited view, typically showing only its most attractive angles. Therefore, buyers need to acknowledge and understand this limitation. I always encourage them to ask for supplement photos with in-person visits for a more comprehensive understanding of what is included.
In a competitive real estate market, realtors may feel pressure to make their photos stand out. At IAN CHARLEBOIS Real Estate, we recommend conducting thorough research, requesting additional photos, scheduling in-person visits, seeking professional advice, and trusting your instincts.
By taking these proactive measures, you can reduce the risk of being misled by exaggerated or misleading photos and make more informed decisions when evaluating real estate professionals who may look the part online only!

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